Baldour and Sons

147 x 110 x 57

This studio size overstrung/underdamped piano in a trendy medium elm case is a gem. It has been reconditioned and re-regulated. A vary rare piano indeed. Guaranteed 3 years.

Sale price £ 1595


148 x 127 x 62

A traditionally styled overstrung underdamped piano, fully restored, regulated, and tuned to concert pitch. The handsome mahogany case has been repolished. 3 year guarantee.

List price £ 1795
Sale price £ 1495

Barnes studio size (Clifford model)

137 x 115 x 55

A gem of a small studio-sized upright, in a dark mahogany case, that has been fully reconditioned, regulated and beautifully polished to a bright finish. The tone is mellow, but clear. Guaranteed 3 years.

Sale price £995



A compact 6 octave mini with a drop action in a medium walnut case. Made in the 1930’s and all the rage at the time. This one has been rebuilt and repolished. Guaranteed 3 years.

Sale price £ 1195



This is a professional overstrung underdamped upright in a honey-coloured walnut case. Fully restored, regulated and refinished. A pleasure to play. Guaranteed 3 years.

Sale price £ 1395



A highly regarded 30’s upright. The handsome dark walnut case has been refinished . Fully reconditioned and guaranteed 3 years. It would add period charm to any room.

Sale price £ 595



An American mini in a high gloss finish teak case. This unusual piano with the full 7 octaves, has been rebuilt, regulated and retouched. Guaranteed 3 years.

Sale price £ 1050



A polish piano in almost new condition in a deep mahogany polyester case. Though in showroom condition this piano has been fully re-regulated and carries a 3-year guarantee. The tone is exceptional. Made circa 2005.

List price £ 2095
Sale price £ 1795



In a medium teak case. Made in Japan in 1991, wethink it’s on a par with Yamaha. The action is exceptionally preciseand the tone is wonderfully bright.A piano for the professional and is guaranteed 3 years.

List price £ 2450
Sale price £ 1995



A German piano of some repute, made in circa 1930. The case ofdark mahogany has been repolished, and the action reconditioned. The sound is perfect for the German romantic composers. Carries a 3 year guarantee.

List price £ 2250
Sale price £ 1675



A fully functioning player piano (with 30 rolls included) made by Aeolian in 1929. It can be played using the pedals or its electric motor, or both. The dark mahogany case measures an imperious
148x124x88 cm. When not used as a player, it can be played like a normal piano. A bargain!

List price £ 1250
Sale price £ 595



A fully restored upright in a burr-walnut case, from the fabled Stuttgart maker. Made in 1891and destined to be played for many years more, after our full restoration. Guaranteed 3 years. Note the low price!

List price £ 1450
Sale price £ 995


An overstrung underdamped piano in a walnut case. Available “as seen”. A good “work horse” for a budget-minded enthusiast.

List price £ 1495
Sale price £ 595



A new piano, assembled in Japan with a German Renner action and R?slau strings. The case is in a medium semi-bright golden merante, with a 3rd (practice) pedal. Guaranteed 3 years.

List price £ 2799
Sale price £ 2299

Lirika #1


These two pianos in near-identical teak polyester cases were made in the Ukraine in the 1990’s. They have a third practice pedal and are robustly built. Guaranteed 3 years.

List price £ 1495
Sale price £ 995

A. Grand


Not a grand, but a small upright, previously owned by the celebrated composer, Oliver Hunt. A professional instrument in a semi-bright light mahogany case, Made in Berlin, next door to the Bechstein factory, in 1967. Reconditioned and repolished. With a 3 year-guarantee.

List price £ 1795
Sale price £ 1495

Eavestaff MiniRoyal


The best of the U.K. minis – often used by professional contemporary artists for its bright tone. Reconditioned and repolished in a light mahogany case. Exceptional value. Guaranteed 3 years.

List price £ 1695
Sale price £ 1395
Clearance price £ 1250



A 6 octave piano in a teak case. Useful when space is an issue. Made in Milton Keynes. We’ve reconditioned and repolished it. It has a lot of volume for a smallpiano. 3-year guarantee.

List price £ 1695
Sale price £ 1395
Clearance price £ 1250

Bentley #2


A gem of an instrument from one of Britain’s foremost makers. Elegant walnut case repolished and action reconditioned, with 3-year guarantee. Exceptional touch andtone. Made in 1959.

List price £ 2595
Sale price £ 1895
Clearance price £ 1595

Bentley #1


A top British make in a repolished walnut case. Action fully reconditioned and regulated. Made in 1956. 3-year guarantee.

List price £ 2395
Sale price £ 1695
Clearance price £ 1295



A studio size Art Deco piano with beautiful tone. Medium walnut case refinished, Schwander action reconditioned and regulated. Guaranteed 3 years.

List price £ 1450
Sale price £ 1095
Clearance price £ 895

Boyd London


This underdamped piano, in a honeyed walnut case, is on a par with Broadwood in quality of craftsmanship. Mellow tone. Fully restored and refinished with our usual 3-year guarantee.

List price £ 1494
Sale price £ 895
Clearance price £ 795

Krasni Aktiabre


A 90’s upright in a high gloss polyester mahogany case, in almost new condition. Full 7 octaves, 88 keys. Our bargain of the season. 3-year guarantee.

List price £ 1695
Sale price £ 795
Clearance price £ 595



This deco style upright is suitable for an absolute beginner. It has been repaired and tuned and is made available at a budget price.

List price £ 495
Sale price £ 345
Clearance price £ 245

C. Bechstein


This renowned piano in an ebonised case, with sconces, was made in 1893. Meticulously restored, fully restrung and repolished,for the discerning musician who insists on the best. Guaranteed 3 years.

List price £ 3495
Sale price £ P.O.A.



An American piano made by the firm that owns Bösendorfer. It is a studio sized instrument in a teak case. Often played by jazz and contemporary pianists for its bright tone. Almost new, with 3-year guarantee.

Sale price £ 1495

Max Dryer, Berlin


A German overstrung/underdamped instrument in an art Nouveau medium mahogany inlaid case. Sounds like a Bechstein. Reconditioned, repinned and repolished, with 3-year guarantee.

Sale price £ 1695

Moore and Moore


A studio size overstrung upright in a dark mahogany case. Reconditioned and guaranteed 3 years. Mellow tone. Very good value for money

Sale price £ 995



A fine example of Polish piano technology. This small piano, in a light pine case, would make a cheerful addition to any room. Fully restored and guaranteed 3 years.

Sale price £ 1595

Morley Baby Grand


From a highly-regarded maker, this piano’s tone is of exceptional quality. It has been fully reconditioned and repolished medium mahogany. A professional instrument. Guaranteed 3 years.

Sale price £ 3750

Kemble Mini


This modern 7-octave mini is a gem, in a medium mahogany case with a high gloss finish. Perfect for a room where space is at a premium. Fully restored and guaranteed 3 years.

Sale price £ 1295



A top British make. The dark mahogany case has a classic 3-panel front. Reconditioned, repolished and guaranteed 3 years.

Sale price £ 795

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