Reconditioning, in our shop, is exceptionally thorough. All instruments are fine-tuned to concert pitch. The soundboards are repaired,as are the keyboards and bridges, (which are lubricated, as well). We also overhaul the pedal system before reconditioning the action. Action reconditioning involves, refacing the hammers and replacing hammer springs, recovering the dampers and replacing damper springs, recentering hammer and jack flanges, which are also lubricated with graphite.

The action is then reassembled and regulated. Regulation, which involves making about 700 adjustments to the action, takes about a day. Only by attending to all of these (and many other) details can we ensure the piano will be playing the way it was when it was new. As a result, it will play evenly and be responsive to dynamic requirements. Making the ‘touch’ of a piano is part craft, part art.

Our instruments are then stripped and repolished using French Polish. The brass is cleaned and burnished Again, attention is paid to detail. The piano is then delivered with a 3-year- guarantee and a free tuning after delivery. Our tuner will maintain your piano free-of-charge, at the time of tunings, during that period. But, be assurred, no piano leaves our shop until restoration is complete.